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Our company is proud to be offering one of the best logistics trucking services in the US, continuously providing the most comfortable terms for our drivers and ensuring their safety. Our 24/7 dispatch team ensures that your cargo is looked after by reliable professionals, and transported with ease, every single time.

Our drivers

We give all the credit to our drivers who we’d be absolutely nothing without. Our independent contractors, drivers, and teams helped us become the leading trucking company that we are today!
Keeping our drivers happy is our main priority since this ensures that the work is done with care and quality – which means we can doubtlessly assure you that your freight will always be in reliable hands.

Our customers

We prioritize quality over anything else, whether it be our impeccable dispatch team or our reputable drivers! It all starts from the little things – so attention to detail and communication are what produce the service we provide you with on a daily basis..

About Us

About Us - You’re Always Welcome to Join Us

You’re Always Welcome to Join Us

We’re always searching for new and qualified professionals to join our team of people truly passionate about what they do.

With a thorough understanding of how difficult this industry could be for our beloved truck drivers – we strive to accommodate them with the best conditions on the market, ensuring their comfort in every way possible.

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Moving is an immensely complicated process, and therefore it’s our goal to make it as simple as possible for you and ensure that any inconveniences are taken care of immediately. We strongly rely on our 24/7 dispatch team of qualified problem-solvers and people highly proficient in the industry.



There is no such freight that our truck drivers cannot deliver – and that statement is confirmed on a daily basis! Our transportation service system constantly ensures on-time deliveries invariably, leaving our freight brokers and shippers satisfied with us at all times.



Even though we offer trucks for lease, we ensure that our beloved owner-operators can receive quality in-house reparation services. Nothing should ever stop a trucker from continuing his journey!

United Transport LLC will provide you with

Experienced Personnel

Our highly qualified dispatch team and drivers are highly proficient in what they do.

Quality Fleet

2020 trucks for company drivers and for lease..

Motivated Drivers

We provide our drivers with certainty in tomorrow’s day – offering them the best gross rates on the market and monthly bonuses.

A Multilingual Team

To ensure that communication can take place under any circumstances.

High Discount Fuel Card

Save up to $0.70 per gallon from cash price using our fuel cards.

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Clients Around The World Makes Us Special

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